Venus Rosewater w/ Crystal Essence

Venus Rosewater w/ Crystal Essence


Find Your Wild Venus Rosewater Mist is made with the purest of roses enhanced with high vibrational rose quartz crystal essence.

Created under the soulful deep beauty of Venus and Moon Conjunction.

The vibration is beautifying. Let the rosewater soothe and hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling divine.


The process of the crystal essence is channeling the cosmic energy of Venus and Moon conjunction. The location of the stars, the potent energy, a moment in time. This cosmic energy charges the rose quartz crystal and creates the crystal essence for the rosewater mist. The energy of the Venus and Moon conjunction is love, beauty and femininity. The vibration is beautifying.

The essence is enhanced with clear quartz crystal.

A unique potion captures the essence of Venus.

The rosewater is made from wild roses, the purest rose hydrosol on the earth. 100% natural organic. This combination of wild rosewater and crystal essence made under Venus and Moon conjunction create a magical beauty product that will leave your face and body feeling so divinely feminine.

The rosewater hydrates and soothes even the most sensitive skin. The FYW ritual is to spray the rosewater mist, morning day and night, as part of your self-care and beauty routine. You can carry this product everywhere, from the beach, to the bar, to the farm, to the plane and in the bathroom at home. Venus Rosewater, the first product/potion in the FYW Venus Beauty Range. Made with so much love and magic!

Wildcrafted in Australia and made in small batches. Natural, beautiful and wild.

Each bottle comes with a rose quartz crystal / or clear quartz crystal.

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