INDAH Organic Perfume Oils

INDAH Organic Perfume Oils


Botanical wild perfume oils. Hand-crafted using the most premium & powerful ingredients on earth that are 100% natural & certified organic & vegan wherever possible.

You will fall madly in love with these perfume oils… a scent for all moments..

One of my favourite self love rituals is having a long hot shower with a glass of wine and then applying perfume oil to fresh dewy skin.. the scents will uplift you and make you feel so divinely feminine.

Made with real flowers and crystals


L'AMOUR // The deep sensual fragrance of oriental flowers such as Jasmine Absolute blends perfectly with citrus-woody undertones, including another hero ingredient Certified Organic Patchouli & real Jasmine flowers to create an emboldening & unforgettable perfume.

À LA TERRE // Exotic floral notes warmed with sweet-nutty undertones evoke a tropical paradise. The pronounced combination of French Vanilla & Ylang - Ylang mixed with real Organic Rose Buds is particularly striking.

LÂCHER // Is for the free spirits of the world, ancient masculine & feminine notes combine to evoke the sense of timeless freedom & serenity. Rare & unusual materials such as the sweet-sacred flower of the Indus Valley & May Chang strike a perfect harmony with warm spices & real Mallow Flowers.

CÀSCARA // A sweet yet gentle perfume that captures the balmy evening of a Californian summer. The composition begins with the delicate Frangipani flower & then develops into the freshness of Ravensara giving you a modern perfume that lingers on the skin immersed in a real Sacred Lotus Flower.

ÊTRE ZEN // Meaning to be Zen. Symbolises escape into the world of dreams where only peace resides & soothes the flow of energy in the body creating a sense of harmony.

Discover the PERFUME OIL collection with a sample set, you can try each one and pick your favourite.

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enjoy xx

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