Interview with Samara from Sabii

Today i’m catching up with Samara, the artist behind Sabii label. Samara lives in Byron Bay where she has a beautiful space Shackpalace Rituals and you can find Sabii label in store. Samara is a natural beauty, earthy and feminine, her essence is captured in the detail and flow of her label Sabii. I absolutely love the energy of her store and her label. Sabii fits so well in the FYW collection, and one of my favourite rituals is spending all day in my Sabii ‘Yoisho Robe’ drinking tea. The organic fabrics are divine and the ethics behind this brand add so much value. Today we are chatting about what makes Samara feel more wild, her favourite rituals, quotes, and more.

A must read! Enjoy xx

What does Wild mean to you?

Freedom. To be wild is to live as our authentic, untamed, undomesticated selves.

What sparked Sabii the brand?

Sabii has been many years in the making. I am passionate about being a part of a dramatic change in the fashion industry toward slow, ethical fashion.

As a contrast to the growing norm of buying and throwing out low quality clothes with each season, I wanted to design clothing made in Australia from high quality natural fabrics that we want to keep wearing year after year.

What are your 3 non -negotiables? Rituals you do everyday for your well being?

Morning matcha

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day

Spending time with the people I love

Tea or coffee?

Tea all day everyday and coffee as an occasional treat.

What do you do to ‘find your wild’?

Swim in the ocean, run barefoot, listen to my intuition and question everything!

Describe your perfect day?

Eating delicious food with friends and family at the beach in the sun all day.

What is your favourite, quote, poem, piece of advice?

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there.”―Rumi.

What are your fav indulgences?


What are your plans for the coming year? Anything you want to share?

No set plans.. Just gonna keep creating.

Favourite place to travel to?

Too many magical places to choose from but honestly I feel so much gratitude every morning that I wake up in Byron Bay that I rarely feel the need to travel far.

Favourite flower?



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