Interview with Teisha Lowry from INDAH

Today I'm catching up with Teisha Lowry, the Artist behind the beautiful INDAH. Teisha is an Aromatherapist, Actress, and Environmentalist. We chat about what Wild means to her, what sparked INDAH organics and her 3 non-negotiables rituals she does everyday! 


What does Wild mean to you?

Free, natural and fearless. I want to be WILDER!



What sparked INDAH?

Long story short; I met a medicine woman in Bali over ten years ago while healing a broken heart and she introduced me to the art of aromatherapy and using plants and flowers to evoke positive emotions. I’m still creating INDAH today - carrying her legacy. INDAH means ‘beautiful’ in Indonesian, and I think it provides honesty in beauty. I'm not just talking about the beauty industry and its products, my point is; INDAH allows you to focus on finding beauty within your imperfections and accept your authentic self so you can then feel empowered and therefore, make wholesome choices in your environment.



What are your 3 non -negotiables? Rituals you do everyday for your well being?

1.     Drink lots of pure water: reverse osmosis.

2.     Move everyday: progressive fitness, which requires anatomical awareness biomechanical coordination and I also train in professional Krav Maga.

3.     Read everyday: playwrights, screenplays, poetry, news and books.

4.     There is a 4th - please read on…


Tea or coffee?

Both. Proud to say I’m down to one piccolo per day.


What do you do to ‘find your wild’?

I need sunlight and Mother Nature everyday (My 4th non-negotiable) to regenerate my mind and body or I go a bit kooky. I enjoy going for a walk or exercising outside in natural sunlight as much as I can…even though I’m from Melbourne. From a more ‘Wild’ POV: I would like to travel more and be more fearless with my goals as a filmmaker and entrepreneur.



Describe your perfect day?

Wake up on the right side of the bed. Coffee. Train. Find Nature. Make my products. Be on a film set (behind or in front of the camera). Finish the day with a great glass of wine, delicious food and good company to match. And finally, get a good night’s sleep.




What is your favourite, quote, poem, piece of advice?

Currently? After watching the documentary ‘Wild Wild Country’ it would have to be Ma Anand Sheela finest quote: “Tough Titties”. Just a nice reminder to myself that life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns.



What are your fav indulgences?

French wine and cheese, beautiful photography, fine films and music.


What are your plans for the coming year? Anything you want to share?

1. I just want INDAH in the right hands and hear how and why they found INDAH and how it makes them feel when they’re wearing my perfumes and products.

2. Keep creating beautiful films. This year I produced and worked with the most talented cast and crew on our short-film called ‘Habitat’ it was the most amazing experience and I cannot wait to launch it into film festivals across the globe.


Favourite place to travel to?



Favourite flower?

I’m a natural perfumer so it’s very hard to nail one flower down. I do find all flowers romantic and inspiring; it also depends on my mood and current circumstances and what inspires me to make a new formula. You’ll find my little stories under each perfume description as to why I made it. Each perfume and product is a piece of me and I love sharing my creations and I hope it makes people glow from within.


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Ma Anand Sheela finest quote: “Tough Titties”. Just a nice reminder to myself that life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns.
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