Find your Wild by Monique Hine

Finding your wild to me is finding that fire within you. that spark. that feeling of paradise. your connection to nature. your connection to life. your life force. the feeling that makes us come alive.

I think at times in our lives our fire can go out with the challenges we face and if we are not connecting back to ourselves daily, we can take on too much of others peoples stuff that dims the light within and we can feel very lost and disconnected.

Wild to me means nature. I’ts your connection to life. it’s living with the seasons.  it’s freedom. its creativity. its authenticity.  its love. its passion. its beauty. It’s dark, its light. 

To me when you have that wild spark within you, you feel alive and you feel calm, content and connected to yourself and life, that knowing inside that you are connected to nature, you are always growing and evolving. Inside you is a paradise, a place of content and love.

People look to outside things, people and places to find their wild, to find freedom, but when we connect to our own inner wild, that’s when we are truly free, when we listen to ourselves more than we listen to others, when we trust our own inner wisdom, when we listen to our bodies, that’s the real magic.

There are always challenges and things that knock us down, but it's how we deal with these challenges that helps us to grow and learn and let go, and move forward with less fear and more love. I believe we can have what we desire and we can create what we want, but we need that fire within us, we need to find our own ways to keep our inner sparkle.

Through self care, self love and connection, we can live in a more beautiful and harmonious way.

Finding your wild doesn’t mean going wild, although that is fun sometimes, but more about finding that beautiful fire within, that passion, that love that lights you up, the creative energy within you, the feminine energy. We all have it, it's there and we can connect to our inner wild in so many ways.

Sometimes we need a little help and support to find our wild again, it's so easy to get lost in the world, in other peoples opinions, in work we don’t enjoy, in toxic relationships, we get challenged, but these challenges can really make us dig deep and get to know ourselves better. Through the pain and the struggle we can find the beautiful lessons, we can change, we can create more of what we want,  more of what makes us feel alive, inspired and free.

To feel balance we have to find our wild, the parts of us that make us truly come alive will also calm us.  Listening to our own intuition, and from there everything flows and flourishes.

I think the struggle really does make us stronger , beautiful people don’t just happen. The struggle and the challenges give you a strength and a greater appreciation,  a deeper understanding, and compassion.

The more I think about life, the more I feel life is art. We create what we desire, we create our own stories and meanings. When we start to feel more and think less, that’s when we can create the magic. We have so much power within. I believe when we find our wild and love ourselves more that’s when we are truly free.


Monique Hine