The Find Your Wild brand was born out of a desire to be more wild.
A desire to feel more connected to the earth, connected to myself, more spiritual in the sense that we are nature. We are wild.

 Our ethos is to live naturally and sustainably, a slower pace, a deeper, authentic, more connected and beautiful life. To feel free.

 During a dark time in my life, I felt disconnected from life, from myself, I felt lost. I had to dig deep to find my light again, to find me, to find my truth, to find my passions again, my wild.  In my darkness I found strength. I connected to the beauty of life and nature. Through photography, art, the ocean,  connection, stories, cooking, motherhood. Through nourishing my body and mind, nourishing my soul. Fierce self-love. I connected back to my essence.

 I live with the seasons, in tune with the Moon, in tune with myself, with nature.

 In 2017 I launched Find Your Wild The Store.  The store is a collection of wild products from around the world.  A collection of artists. A collection of stories. A collection of  wild products and brands. Carefully curated with my sensitivity to life, energy, beauty. I feel everything and I feel the energy behind the products/brands I select for the store.

I select products for the store that align with the wild ethos of the FYW brand -Ethical, Sustainable, Beautiful & Wild.

Find Your Wild has launched the first product in the ‘FYW Venus Beauty Range’.

‘Venus Rosewater’.

 This product/potion is made with the energy of Venus and The Moon. Channeling the cosmic energy.  Made with wild roses and crystals. Wildcrafted in Australia.

We create our lives everyday.. with our thoughts, with our words, with our stories, with our actions, with love, with doubt, it's our story and we hold the pen, we hold the brush, we are the artists, we are all artists, creating our life moment to moment. We all have that fire within us, that feeling of paradise, that knowing of what is true for us. We have to find our own ways to keep our fire alive, to feel connected to feel grounded, to feel free.